VPCI® Water Oil Additives Treatment

VpCI® water treatments and other forms of corrosion preventatives and inhibitors are a highly effective way in which to protect your equipment and components from the pitfalls of rust and corrosion. Through C&G Industrial Supply and our extensive line of products, you can extend the life of your equipment, boost productivity and save money in the process.

We carry VpCI oil additives that are used extensively by clients belonging to the oil and gas industry in addition to VpCI water treatments for wet applications.

While these products might vary, they share some common characteristics that are beneficial to the clients that use them.

  • Eco-friendly: With products like our multi metals VCI inhibitors, clients generally want to make sure they are not only being responsible with their ecological footprint, but also protecting their staff and clients at the same time. Our VCI corrosion inhibitors are environmentally friendly and safe to use.
  • Easy to use: These VpCI water treatments and other products are also easy to use by the clients that utilize them within their applications. These straightforward instructions eliminate the need for additional technical knowledge or training.
  • Effective: Of course, our VpCI oil additives and corrosion inhibitors are effective in doing what they are supposed to — protecting your metal equipment and components from rust and corrosion, which can make them less efficient or even make them prone to malfunctioning.

C&G Industrial Supply has been in business since 1975, providing a wide range of products for our manufacturing clients. These products aren’t just technical products and solutions — our extensive VpCI water treatments, oil additives and inhibitors are equally as important to manufacturers that want to preserve their money and bolster efficiency. Contact our sales staffs to learn more about our products and to get a free, no-obligation quote.

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