VPCI® VCI Water based Corrosion Inhibitors

Fend off rust and corrosion from your metal parts in an eco-friendly fashion by investing in some of our many VpCI® water based corrosion inhibitors offered here at C&G Industrial Supply.

In business since 1975, our team has provided our clients with a wide range of products that allows them to extend of the life of their equipment by proactively acting against potential rust and corrosion, which can cause small-scale and catastrophic damage to components.

With VCI biodegradable corrosion powders, clients are able to prevent this type of damage to components such as boilers, chillers, pipes and more. These are easy-to-use VpCI bio-based corrosion inhibitors that can be added to water and flushed through a system, making it simple to apply this important solution to hard-to-reach areas or systems and their components.


A commitment to protecting the environment

With VpCI water based corrosion inhibitors, clients don’t have to worry about introducing heavy metals (i.e. silicones, chromates) to the environment for the sake or protecting their equipment against corrosion.

These VCI biodegradable corrosion powders are completely eco-friendly. That way, by utilizing these solutions, clients are able to effectively protect:

  • The environment
  • Employees
  • Clients

At the same time, you can have the peace of mind that your business and operation are not inflicting any undue damage to the environment. C&G Industrial Supply is proud to offer these types of eco-friendly solutions and more. We want to do our part to, not only help our clients reach their business goals, but to do so in a way that aligns with their values.


Consult with the C&G Industrial Supply team for more information

We can walk you through our line of VpCI water based corrosion inhibitors and connect you with the solution that works best with your application. Our client services team is standing by to address your questions or concerns.

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