VPCI® VCI Corrosion Inhibitors

Rust and corrosion are two mortal enemies to applications that feature metal equipment and components, but VpCI® corrosion cleaners and the many other VCI products are effective tools to have in your arsenal.

C&G Industrial Supply carries a wide range of these products that are used by companies belonging to a wide range of industries. With eco-friendly VCI corrosion degreasers, cleaners and inhibitors, you can effectively take a proactive approach to protecting your equipment, thus, extending its life to protect what is no doubt a pricey investment.


About our products

When it comes to battling rust and corrosion, C&G Industrial Supply has a wide range of solutions to offer, including:

  • VpCI rust removers: Wipe away rust from copper, steel, iron and other common metals with this highly effective solution. While its effect on rust may be dramatic, it’s safe for people.
  • VCI corrosion preventatives: You don’t have to wait until rust or corrosion sets in to treat it. With a wide range of preventatives, you can protect your metal components.
  • VpCI corrosion inhibitors: C&G Industrial Supply carries foams, powders and other forms of inhibitors that can be used to protect your equipment in a wide range of enclosed, non-ventilated spaces.

These VpCI corrosion cleaners, degreasers and inhibitors are affordably priced. With this fair price point, you are able to enjoy cost savings while gaining the benefits of some of the most effective products in the industry.


C&G Industrial Supply has been in business since 1975

We don’t just supply VCI corrosion degreasers and a wide range of highly technical components for manufacturers. We are dedicated to meeting the business goals of our clients — mainly through helping them save money and boost efficiency.

We want to build a close relationship with new businesses and help them gain the benefits that come with our extensive line of VpCI corrosion cleaners and other products. Talk to our sales team and find ways to unlock efficiency in your operation.

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