VPCI® VCI Corrosion Inhibitor Foam

C&G Industrial Supply is a leader in VpCI® foam emitters and other products that will protect the delicate metal components of your machines, electronics and equipment.

These VCI desiccant foams are designed to go inside non-ventilated enclosures of all kinds to help eliminate the potential for corrosion to your components. Built with an advanced VCI nanotechnology, our line of VCI antistatic foams are highly effective in all types of enclosures, including:

  • Re-useable packaging
  • Computers
  • Electronic devices
  • Control boxes
  • Switches
  • And many more

Implementing VCI corrosion inhibitor foams into your application or operation provides a variety of benefits – namely the fact that you are able to save money and promote efficiency by using these products to minimize the risk of electrical failures due to corrosion.

Also, VpCI foam emitters are proven to extend the life of your equipment, parts and products, allowing you to preserve your investment while garnering new levels of efficiency at the same time.


Learn more about our VCI desiccant foams and other products

Here at C&G Industrial Supply, we have extensive knowledge and experience on our staff. They are willing to sit down with you and show you through our line of VCI foam products.

This team of experts would be happy to field any questions or concerns you might have, while highlighting the many specific benefits that come with utilizing these products to minimize the risk of corrosion.

Contact the team at C&G Industrial Supply and a member of our client services team would be happy to assist you. We offer free, no-obligation quotes on all potential orders so that you can see — not just the quality of our products — but the affordability that will help pad your operation’s financial bottom line.

VpCI foam emitters are a real game-changer for many applications. Utilize some of the best of these products by working with the dedicated team at C&G Industrial Supply.

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