VPCI® Milcorr Stretch Shrink Film

Gain the benefit of superior multi-metal prevention through VpCI® stretch film, offered by the dedicated team here at C&G Industrial Supply. This VpCI shrink film allows you to add a thin, effective, corrosion-inhibiting layer to metal surfaces to beat back the negative effects of rust and oxidation.

MilCorr® shrink film and our other similar products are easy to use in the fact that:

  • It can easily be applied to machinery, components and other products without special training.
  • With VCI corrosion inhibitor bags, these products are ready to use. You don’t have to devote time, resources and materials to surface preparation.
  • This includes no necessary cleaning or degreasing.

Taking a proactive approach to hold off rust and corrosion is important to any manufacturing process. These are two hazards that can threaten the efficiency of your process and limit the life of your equipment.

With VpCI stretch film you can gain the benefit of:

  • Saving money: Resources needed for surface preparation and even disposal of these materials costs money. With VpCI shrink film, you are able to save the money you would be pouring into the process while bringing added efficiency to it.
  • Spare the manpower: In addition to the cost that is wasted on more traditional means of corrosion prevention, stretch film packing limits the man hours required to tend to this.
  • Proven method of corrosion prevention: VpCI paper and stretch film products are proven in studies to be highly effective in preventing corrosion. Plus, it provides multi metal protection so you can address the needs of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in one effort.

The team at C&G Industrial Supply is standing by to help you browse through our selection of VpCI stretch film and extensive line of other corrosion inhibitors, preventatives and cleaners. We invite you to take advantage of these highly effective, affordable products.

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