VPCI® 368 322 Corrosion Inhibitors

While manufacturing operations might differ in their nature, they all benefit from eliminating the potential for rust and corrosion within their components and equipment, and products like VpCI® 368 corrosion inhibitors can achieve that objective.

C&G Industrial Supply has been in business since 1975, forming close relationships with clients belonging to a variety of industries. We match these clients with solutions that are effective in preventing or addressing corrosion and rust on or within their equipment.

The following is a rundown on a handful of the products we offer.

  • VpCI 322 corrosion inhibitors: Oil-based, normally used on lubricating and hydraulic oil systems.
  • VpCI 126 corrosion inhibitors: These come in film and bag form to protect metal products.
  • VpCI 368 corrosion inhibitors: Used as a coating, this product is effective in handling harsh and corrosive environments.
  • 649 VCI prevention: This liquid formulation is used in water applications.
  • 391 VCI prevention: This is a fast-drying, non-flammable compound that provides a strong coating for metal substrate and fends off rust and corrosion.
  • MilCorr®: MilCorr shrink film’s primary application is for outdoor storage. Not only does it protect from rust and corrosion, but it also provides UV protection. This is a great alternative to more high maintenance oils and desiccants.
  • M-531: Finally, M-531 is an oil-based corrosion inhibitor that can be implemented with industrial lubricants and provides great rust protection.

Our team can walk you through products like VpCI 322 corrosion inhibitors and help match you with appropriate products based on the needs of your application.

We also offer custom solutions for clients that can’t find what they need in our extensive inventory. It all starts by consulting with our experienced staff to discover what will bring more efficiency and cost savings to your current operation. At C&G Industrial Supply, we work hard to meet the business goals of our clients, whether that’s through VpCI 368 corrosion inhibitors or our other products.

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