Texas City Perma-Cal® Process Test Gauges

If you feel stuck and frustrated with your system’s C-tube gauges, we have the answer to your problems: Texas City Perma-Cal® process gauges.

These Texas City Perma-Cal test gauges are designed to be more rugged, durable and accurate than their traditional C-tube style counterparts. Direct drive gauges in Texas City TX have only a single moving part inside, limiting the number of factors that could lead to failure because of environmental factors such as temperature, vibration, clogging or over pressurization.

In fact, C&G Industrial Supply’s Perma-Cal process gauges in Texas City TX are capable of withstanding overpressure surges of up to 50 percent, making them some of the most robust on the market today.


Enjoy accuracy and reliability with our Texas City Perma-Cal process gauges

The Texas City Perma-Cal test gauges available through C&G Industrial Supply are far more reliable than other gauges because of their patented use of high-viscosity silicone fluid. This not only eliminates the possibility of leaks, but dramatically reduces pointer flutter, meaning that your Texas City direct drive gauges provide your operators with a more reliable measure.

Perma-Cal test gauges in Texas City TX also come with these benefits:

  • Trouble-free, long-term and durable operations without significant maintenance requirements.
  • Certified accuracy in both ascending and descending modes.
  • Limited number of moving parts, eliminating need for amplifying tubes or other high-risk elements of C-tube gauges.

C&G Industrial Supply is proud to offer these American-made industrial gauges that are designed to keep your process flowing smoothly with less risk. We carry only the safest, most reliable gauges, supporting local small businesses and promoting our partners’ economic success.

Since 1975, we have been your trusted source for Texas City Perma-Cal process gauges. Contact us today to find out more about the ways in which we can meet your facility’s needs.

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