ReoTemp Instruments Industrial Test Gauges

At C&G Industrial Supply, we pride ourselves on carrying only the best ReoTemp Instruments test gauges. Your key industrial processes demand accurate information to make the best decisions, and our ReoTemp Instruments and process gauges help your technicians evaluate and take action during critical situations to protect your product and system.

With the help of a comprehensive system of ReoTemp industrial test gauges, your team will be empowered to make informed choices that will improve your profitability and system efficiency — and what could matter more for your processing facility? Trust the pros at C&G Industrial Supply to care for your business just as much as you do.


Why ReoTemp Instruments and test gauges are a smart choice for your facility

ReoTemp Instruments and process gauges are most commonly used in oil and gas, energy, water, wastewater and food and beverage applications. From the smallest filter station to the largest boiler configuration and beyond, these gauges are trusted to provide accurate information in some of the world’s most critical processing systems.

Our ReoTemp commercial process gauges are known for their durability, accuracy, reliability, and competitive pricing structure. We provide sensors and gauges that are trustworthy in environments such as:

  • Exceptionally low or high temperatures
  • Situations with high vibration
  • Processes that require sanitary precautions (such as food and pharmaceutical manufacturing)
  • High-volume processing such as wastewater treatment
  • Processes that involve corrosive chemicals
  • And more

When you purchase ReoTemp Instruments and test gauges, you are investing in a company that has been providing temperature and pressure measurement products for more than 50 years. The experts at C&G Industrial Supply are fully invested in these products, and we stand by their quality and level of service. We are proud to offer no-cost evaluations and estimates for all varieties of industrial production facilities. Contact us today to find out more.

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