RdF Distributors Thermocouples

C&G Industrial Supply serves as proud RdF distributors. RdF Corporation is known throughout the manufacturing industry as a world leader in temperature and heat flux sensors.

Thermocouples and RTD sensors from this well-known maker are innovatively designed, developed and produced. These are products that will provide accuracy within your application and also hold up to the harsh conditions that often come with many manufacturing processes.

Just a few of the hallmarks of RdF Corporation temperature sensors include:

  • Reliability: Increase efficiency and limit downtime with these reliable tools.
  • Easy-to-use: There is no additional technical training required and you are able to limit man power with these easy-to-use components.
  • Variety of applications: These thermocouples and RTD sensors have been utilized in a wide range of industries, including nuclear, aerospace, OEM and more.

These thermocouple and RTD sensors come in many forms — both Stikon and Strapon, which are proprietary technologies developed by RdF, but also bond-on, immersion and thread-in technologies.


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Just like RdF Corporation, C&G Industrial Supply takes pride in only offering the very best products for the companies that we work for. We have teamed up with businesses belonging to many different industries, outfitting them with solutions that help bring efficiency and cost savings to their processes.

That’s why we find it so important to build a strong, on-going relationship with our clients. We encourage you to put the knowledge and experience on our staff to work for you, exploring the needs of your application and finding the tools that will benefit it.

This is one of the reasons we chose to be RdF distributors. Shop with C&G Industrial Supply — a member of our team can provide you with a free quote on your potential order.

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