Perma-Cal® Industrial Test Process Gauges

Traditional gauges feature a significant number of gears, springs and linkages that could break, leaving your process stranded without accurate information — but not Perma-Cal® test gauges.

Imagine a work environment in which you never had to worry about your gauges’ performance, but instead had the time to dedicate to process improvement, training and other key maintenance activities.

That dream can be a reality with our Perma-Cal process gauges, a line of professional products that are known for durability, reliability and accuracy. When it comes to your workflow, you just can’t afford downtime — when your plant isn’t operational, you are not making money. Lower your risk with the use of C&G Industrial Supply’s line of industrial process gauges.


How Perma-Cal industrial test process gauges work

Our Perma-Cal process gauges are more reliable than the competition’s C-tubes because:

  • They do not have a liquid filler that could lead to leakage
  • Users do not have to worry about gears or linkages failing
  • They retain their calibration in even the most punishing environments — varying temperatures, pressures and vibration are not problems
  • They are certified Grade 3A and 2A with traceable NIST calibration

With their patented system, your industrial test gauges will not suffer from needle flutter or other common problems, allowing your technicians to obtain more accurate readings and solve process situations faster. Your operations personnel deserve access to correct information — not replacing malfunctioning gauges! With our industrial direct drive gauges; your team can focus on process improvement and other key issues instead of struggling to obtain simple measurements.

Stop spending too much on labor costs, broken measurement tools, and other hassles associated with C-tube systems. Switch to our Perma-Cal test gauges, and start enjoying the benefits. C&G Industrial Supply offers free, custom estimates to help you achieve your process objectives. We are standing by for your call.

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