Perma-Cal® Industrial Direct Drive Gauges

Do you know the difference between Perma-Cal® industrial gauges and the typical C-tube gauges that are used in many processing plants? As a purchasing agent or plant manager at your facility, you should be aware that industrial direct drive pressure gauges can probably save you money, time and energy in labor costs — and they can prevent the expensive down-time that plagues many of our industrial processes.

At C&G Industrial Supply, we offer Perma-Cal direct drive pressure gauges that can solve many of your industrial problems at a fraction of the cost of traditional pressure-measurement systems. If you’re experiencing difficulty with your current gauge system, you may be a great candidate for our selection of safe, durable, direct drive gauge options.


Why our Perma-Cal industrial gauges are superior to the competition

All industrial operators are aware of the risks that are associated with pressure gauge failures. Although you have redundant systems, the failure of even a single gauge endangers your plant’s ability to produce, leading to costly downtime and poor decision-making on the part of your operators.

The good news: C&G Industrial Supply boasts a wide array of Perma-Cal industrial gauges that are designed with your needs in mind. Not only are they among the safest gauges — featuring rear blowout panels and a solid front case — they are also among the most reliable. That is because their gauge design does not rely on a series of moving parts, but instead use a single moveable feature.

This simple design reduces damage caused by temperature fluctuations, pressure variations, vibration, and other environmental hazards. Instead of worrying about the status of your gauge system, why not trust our Perma-Cal options to meet your needs?

C&G Industrial Supply offers free estimates and analysis for your existing systems, and we’ve been providing these services for more than 35 years in the Southeastern United States. We can’t wait to work with you, outfitting your operation with the right Perma-Cal industrial gauges.

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