McDaniel Controls Test Process Gauges

Your gauges and pressure-measurement systems may seem like only small components of your processing operation — but you will find out that they are not so small if you do not choose quality gauges like McDaniel Controls test gauges.

Industrial manufacturers are consistently demanding more robust, rugged and reliable gauges, and McDaniel Controls process gauges deliver. C&G Industrial Supply is proud to offer these McDaniel Controls industrial gauges for our valued clients. We understand the most common reasons for gauge failure, meaning that our team can provide you with the advice you need to get your job done right the first time, every time.


Why McDaniel Controls test gauges are the most reliable on the market

Did you know that McDaniel Controls process gauges have been on the market since 1972? That’s more than 40 years’ worth of experience in providing top-quality monitoring solutions. McDaniel Controls commercial gauges can be customized to meet your process needs. We can help, no matter whether your business focuses on:

  • Industrial chemical processing
  • Hazardous waste processing
  • Oil and gas or petroleum products
  • Undersea operations
  • Aerospace applications
  • Or many other processes

You understand that even a single gauge failure can cause serious problems for your industrial processes. That is why you should consider using McDaniel Controls test gauges, which were among the first gauges to boast over pressurization capacities in the range of 300 percent. Their gauges retain their accuracy up to pressurization surges of 130 percent, far surpassing industry standard. Furthermore, McDaniel gauges are available in a variety of color schemes to make identifying problems easier and quicker. Do not settle for substandard gauges – you know what the consequences could be. Instead, book a free consultation with our technical experts, and experience the difference that comes along with the C&G Industrial Supply’s level of quality customer service.

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