Lake Charles VCI Vapor Phase Inhibitor

If you are tired of dealing with the intensive cleanup and labor costs associated with the use of corrosion protection products, consider switching to a Lake Charles vapor phase corrosion inhibitor.

At C&G Industrial Supply, we offer a wide range of these environmentally friendly products, all of which offer superior protection against rust and corrosion, even for surfaces that have been previously painted or coated. A quality VCI corrosion inhibitor in Lake Charles LA will keep your industrial processes running smoothly, preventing breakdowns and downtime that lower your profitability. Let us take away your worry about corrosion protection and start focusing on the important elements of improving your industrial processes.


Why should we use a Lake Charles vapor phase corrosion inhibitor?

These products provide lasting corrosion protection with a chemically absorbed molecular layer, offering protection for up to 24 months. A VCI corrosion inhibitor in Lake Charles LA is a long lasting, easy-to-use solution that eliminates the hassle of traditional corrosion prevention. Benefits of Lake Charles vapor phase corrosion prevention include:

  • Lower cost for time and labor associated with use
  • Effectively protect all metal surfaces
  • Elimination of need for RP greases or oils
  • Elimination of hazwaste and other disposal costs

A vapor phase corrosion inhibitor in Lake Charles LA is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and fully recyclable, providing effortless multi-metal protection in even the highest-traffic parts of your facility. C&G Industrial Supply can help you find the perfect Lake Charles VCI corrosion inhibitor, no matter whether you are seeking a film, paper, spray, gel or foam emitter format.

Stop simply managing your corrosion issue and start conquering it with the help of a Lake Charles vapor phase corrosion inhibitor. Your industrial processes will most certainly reap the many benefits. Contact our company today to learn more about your options and to schedule a free estimate and evaluation.

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