Lake Charles Perma-Cal® Process Test Gauges

Did you know that some of your company’s most frustrating process failures could be ameliorated simply by choosing Lake Charles Perma-Cal® process gauges? Industry professionals know that bad measurement devices — including gauges — lead to bad decisions that can ultimately cost you time, money and valuable resources for repair.

Your decision to use Lake Charles Perma-Cal test gauges can be one of the most cost-effective choices you make for your company. These rugged gauges are designed to survive in even the most difficult environments, making it easy to prioritize safety and efficiency throughout your facility. C&G Industrial Supply’s wide selection of direct drive gauges in Lake Charles LA is designed to fit all of your industrial process needs.


How can Lake Charles perma-cal process gauges help my facility?

Your industrial processes probably rely on hundreds of gauges to keep material flowing through your refinery or other processing facility. Lake Charles Perma-Cal test gauges offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Resistance to environmental extremes such as temperature
  • Durability against mechanical vibration and pulsation
  • Low risk of failure or breakage because of single-moving-part design

In addition to these benefits, our Perma-Cal process gauges in Lake Charles LA are designed to be virtually leak-proof and far more durable than alternatives. Our American-made Lake Charles direct drive gauges are designed to withstand punishing conditions while still maximizing safety and cost-effectiveness. They are engineered to endure up to a 50 percent over-pressurization without losing calibration control.

Perma-Cal test gauges in Lake Charles help you get the accurate readings you need, no matter the circumstance. To learn more about our Lake Charles Perma-Cal process gauges, contact us today with your application for a free, no-risk estimate.

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